Top December Allotment Tips

With the shorter days of winter, there are far less opportunities to visit the allotment. Even so, the allotment is a perfect excuse to get out of the weekend Christmas shopping!

Talking of the festive period, the snowfall that reached parts of the UK at the end of November was a reminder that winter has firmly arrived. I’ve had a rat infestation under my outbuilding to prove it. Rodents of course, like most living things, seek protection and shelter from the cold. It is worth checking your sheds and greenhouses for pests in general.

Inadvertently we can be housing greenhouse pests overwinter on decaying vegetation or pots. This allows them to strike again next year. Cleaning staging and pots with disinfectant are good practices to break the life cycle.

Gifts for Allotmenteers

Excitingly, there are a multitude of gifts available for gardeners and allotment holders. I really like the free-standing, raised large wooden planter. It is perfect for herbs and shallow-rooted crops such as lettuce, radish, strawberries, spring onions, turnips and more. Crops can be grown at a comfortable working height off the ground. Another item that caught my eye is the two-wheeled wheelbarrow. The practical, heavy-duty aspect of this wheelbarrow makes this another perfect allotment-related gift. For smaller budgets, the various seed tins are a good bet.

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