Top April Allotment Tips-Suttons Gardening Grow How

Welcome to our Top April Allotment Tips! We are at one of the busiest and exciting points in the allotment calendar. Both on the allotment and under glass, it is all systems go!

Seed Sowing, Windowsills & Greenhouses

Tomato plants in Top April Allotment Tips.

My tomato plants are on the windowsill at home for now. They too will soon be jockeying for prime position in the greenhouse.

A roll of frost protection fleece is on standby, for use in the greenhouse and on the plot. Nighttime temperatures can fluctuate wildly at this time of year. Tender seedlings and any early crops such as potatoes in containers need frost protection under glass if the mercury drops below zero. A greenhouse heater can be a good investment.

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