No dig gardens; how to grow vegetables by gardening without digging or tilling

Nature’s way to garden

So there I was in my garden, trowel and hands covered in rich brown earth and making holes with gusto for planting… and loving it.

In fact, I was so blown away by the abundance of nature accompanying my progress that I asked myself if I would ever tire of this marvellous effort.

I agreed, NEVER, and all the life forms around me agreed the same.

Trust me, this no-dig gardening way is beyond easy. Personally if I wanted to garden all day I would, but sometimes, one has got to share one’s knowledge — so listen up…

Alternatively, just keep buying sub-standard shop vegetables. Nah, you want in! Right here we go…

The pages below are some of the most popular. Your perfect match too? Click to be wooed…

Build a No-dig Garden

Be the new favorite person of yourself and whoever you’re growing for and follow these easy steps.

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List of Veg to Grow

vegetables to grow coloured cauliflowers

The taste, oh the taste; the rewards, oh the rewards… Here’s what vegies to grow and how to grow them.

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Raised Bed Gardens

Raised bed garden wise gardens community New Orleans

It’s morning and you’re in bed… you can feel the sun on the earth and smell the sweetness of plants in the air as it tugs at your curtains. Today you’re springing out of bed and building a raised bed.

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Compost & Fertilizers

Composting and organic fertilizers

Compost is gold. Believe this as firmly as the other natural fact that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.
Like the sun, get a dazzling glow, a smile on your face, into the garden we go…

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Kids’ Gardening

Kids in the garden eating strawberries

Why? It’s an insurance policy on your family’s health and life in more ways than one. Growing your own food works miracles, but no doctor will prescribe it. This is real, bursting, wild fun and learning for the young.

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Pests & Diseases

prehistoric monster garden pest

Your satisfaction knows no bounds, You’re mucking in growing, picking, eating… dream on. Help, critters, crawlies, blobs!

You can nail this… let’s go again…

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What else can I find here?

The navigation menu at the top of the page lists the trusty basic gardening pages which have hundreds more pages off them. On the top right of this page and all pages is a search box, where Google obligingly finds information on this site that match any words you enter there.

So if you thrill to the idea of growing a Strawbale Garden, or you’re not a ‘fraidy cat to Grow a Giant Pumpkin, use the search box up the top right … OR… unearth what you want here in this Sitemap.

Let’s get growing!

No dig vegetable garden - watering asparagus

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