It’s true: Northwest cherries really are bigger

Everyone knows size matters in fruit, and this year, cherries really are bigger.

Northwest Cherry Growers has the measurements to prove it.

A row-size comparison chart shows the 2022 cherry fruit size skewing larger than last year after the first 16 days of shipment. (Courtesy Northwest Cherry Growers)

A sizing chart released last week by the Yakima, Washington-based organization charged with collectively promoting cherries from five Northwest states shows row sizing measurements from the first 16 days of shipments skewing larger — peaking at 9.5 compared to last year’s 10.5.

That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that growers don’t have nearly as many cherries at this point compared to last year. As of June 24, the industry had shipped just under 1 million 20-pound box equivalents, compared to a five-year average of over 5 million, according to a periodic crop update from Northwest Cherry Growers.

The group publishes several crop updates as the season progresses, and changes are common with weather and other growing conditions.

by Ross Courtney

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