About Us


Impex Ideas Limited incorporated in 2011 and has been involved in the trading business fruits and vegetables since then. Over a timespan of a decade, Impex Ideas has extended the operations from merely being an importer to wholesaler, farmer and an exporter. We import various types of fruits and vegetables to the UK and simultaneously export them to the rest of the world. Although the *operations* are spread out worldwide via a strong supply chain, few of the notable countries include Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and Egypt.


Product quality has been the utmost priority of our organisation. From the picking of fruits and vegetables in the farms to the delivery and packaging in the warehouse, all the necessary protocols are always followed. Both human and technological procedural checks sort the products and puts forward only the best product. For instance, hot water treatment process is used for in case of mangoes we import. That sorted out product is then packaged in boxes of high standards which can endure high pressure and heat and keeps the product safe during the transportation, regardless of export or import. To ensure the high-quality standards further, Impex Ideas Limited follows all the rules and checks outlined by DEFRA, PHSI and HMI, EU etc


Sustainability has been an integral part of Impex Ideas Limited since the incorporation. To address this in a way that is appropriate and commensurate with the consumer’s needs, we take part in various schemes and acquired some reputable certifications. All our packaging is recyclable and reusable. Our sustainability is not just limited to environmental sustainability as we take economic and social sustainability equally seriously. All the workers work at a national living wage whether in the UK or overseas. We have always strived towards smoother operations to have minimum waste and save the extra cost meanwhile. As a result of various strict sustainable procedures, our produces, intermediaries and end consumers have equally benefitted.